Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation

Priscilla Hall was tragically killed in a plane accident at Lake Lido, 65kms south of Jakarta on June 20th, 2004.

Having lived the last two years of her life in Jakarta, Priscilla’s lifelong affinity for people extended into a great interest in assisting disadvantaged children.

In light of this, Priscilla’s family and friends have established the Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation, a not-for-profit, charitable fund that aims to help underprivileged children of Indonesia.

Help us to save Indonesian children
In January 2008 Izzi is teaming up with the Priscilla Hall Foundation in an attempt to help Indonesian children in need. Indonesia has huge numbers of underprivelaged children living on the street with no shelter, education, food or future prospects. Unless we do something, the situation will become worse. Help us make a difference in their lives and provide a future for them.

Bantu kami selamatkan anak-anak Indonesia.
Tahun 2008 Izzi bekerjasama dengan Yayasan Priscilla Hall untuk membantu kebutuhan anak-anak di Indonesia. Jumlah anak-anak Indonesia yang hidup terlantar tanpa rumah, pendidikan, makanan, ataupun masa depan sangatlah besar. Jikalau kita tidak berbuat sesuatu situasinya akan bertambah parah. Bantulah kami dengan berbuat sesuatu yang berbeda untuk hidup dan masa depan mereka.

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