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Indonesians celebrate with Obama pizza

JAKARTA: Indonesians are among many non-Americans looking forward to the historic inauguration of Barack Obama as United States president on Tuesday.

It is well-documented that Mr Obama had spent four years of his childhood in Indonesia and that his stepfather was Javanese.

That was reason enough for many Indonesians to celebrate Mr Obama victory in the US presidential election as if he was their own candidate.

To feed the euphoria, one of the pizza chains in the country, Izzi Pizza, has come out with something unique to celebrate Mr Obama Indonesian ties. It is called the Obama Pizza and it uses 'Rendang' as the base sauce.

'Rendang' is a famous Indonesian dish made from spices and coconut milk.

Robert Waters, group executive chef, Izzi Pizza, said: "We cooked this chicken in the actual rendang sauce, so the chicken is not plain and it actually comes with the flavour of the rendang."

Robert Eskapa, owner of Izzi Pizza, said: "We came out with the concept within 24 to 48 hours and everybody came together to get the t-shirts made and the Obama pizza done as soon as the election was won.

"We weren't going to come out with a McCain pizza. We were not interested in the McCain pizza at all. We were only interested in the Obama pizza."

The restaurant said the Obama pizza has been a hit with its customers and they have no plans to pull it off the menu anytime soon.

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